Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The very hungry caterpillar activities!

The very hungry caterpillar is Zainab's favorite book, so I decided to make some story props for the book.

I made the caterpillar using a pipe cleaner and made some lacing cards. The paper bag is the cocoon and I hid the butterfly in the paper bag before starting to read. As I read the story to my toddler, she counted and laced the cards on to the caterpillar.

When we reached the page where the caterpillar built the cocoon, I hid the caterpillar in the paper bag (cocoon) and took out the butterfly from the bag.

Colour matching activity

I made a caterpillar using coloured paper. When I pasted the circles I left enough space to put the cards.

 I used the cards from the story prop for this activity.

After the colour matching activity we did some scissor practice.

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