Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Food theme: Arabic, English and Dhivehi

We are doing our first theme activities.

Fruits and vegetables sorting.
 You could use real fruits and vegetables instead of toys. I wanted to do the game several times in all three languages there for I used the toy ones.

Paper plate fruits and vegetables basket.

Fine motor activities (Tot trays).

Pasta pouring!

Pompom spooning activity.

Transfer activity (tweezers/ tongs).
Strawberry transfer activity using mini erasers.

Spreading on a piece of bread. 

 You could use butter, cheese spread or jam. I used chocolate spread as it is my daughters favorite.

Banana Pops!
Cutting with a knife is a great fine motor activity that toddlers love, as they like to imitate grownups. I usually give a butter knife and some soft fruits or cooked vegetables to my daughter since she was two years old. For older kids you can give a sharp knife and vegetables like carrots, beans or potatoes.
 I used some chocolate spread for the topping, you could use melted chocolate or anything else your little one would rather prefer. And instead of toothpicks you could use Popsicle sticks.

 Freeze and enjoy some healthy (and a tiny bit unhealthy)  banana pops ;)

Carrot peeling activity.

Touch and feel fruits  and vegetables basket game.

The Very hungry caterpillar activities.
Please check this post for details.

Playdough fun 

Food theme related literacy activities.


Alifun aluvi (potato) stamping.
potato stamping.
 Letter ޒ

We made some zaviyanin zuvaari letter crafts.

Collage made by using an empty cornflakes box.

pompom stamping.


Letter Ain

Letter Kaaf
We made a pom pom stamping activity.

I got these books from a great blog called "A muslim child is born".
Jazakallah Khairan, sister Umm An-Nu'man for all the free materials available on your blog.


Letter P
We did P is for pizza activity.
Pizza collage made using construction paper and cardboard.
S is for Strawberry activities

Please check this post for more details.

Upper case lower case letter matching activity. 

I had an alphabet sticker book I bought to make a capital letter simple letter activity, so I  used it to make these cards. I just free handed the food pictures using construction paper.

When I made this I really wished that I had a printer. It would have saved a lot of time and I could have shared the printable.

 My daughter did not have enough patience to complete the whole alphabet. I think next time I will take out just ten letters, Insha Allah.


Maths Activities.

Mini grapes eraser counting activity.
I just folded two A4 size construction papers in quarters and cutout strawberries and with green paper I cutout the stems.

Here is the completed counting activity.

Islamic food theme activities.

We read the book "Eating and drinking"

We discussed about manners of eating

  • We say Bismillah before eating.
 I made these posters and Zainab decorated them

Colouring page
  • We eat with our right hand.
  • We thank Allah by saying Alhamdulillah after eating.
  • We do not waste our food.
    • Allah love those who share their food.
    We read this Dhivehi story about sharing.

    The very hungry caterpillar activities!

    The very hungry caterpillar is Zainab's favorite book, so I decided to make some story props for the book.

    I made the caterpillar using a pipe cleaner and made some lacing cards. The paper bag is the cocoon and I hid the butterfly in the paper bag before starting to read. As I read the story to my toddler, she counted and laced the cards on to the caterpillar.

    When we reached the page where the caterpillar built the cocoon, I hid the caterpillar in the paper bag (cocoon) and took out the butterfly from the bag.

    Colour matching activity

    I made a caterpillar using coloured paper. When I pasted the circles I left enough space to put the cards.

     I used the cards from the story prop for this activity.

    After the colour matching activity we did some scissor practice.