Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter ع (Ain) is for Inab (grapes)!

 Today we did some 'Ain is for 'Inab (grapes) activities.

Finger paint letter craft.

Purple paint and letter cut out from cardboard.
 The plan was for my little one to dip her finger in the paint and make finger print grapes. But she decided to cover both her hands in purple paint and make hand prints, which did not look anything like grapes as she covered the whole letter in paint.

 So at the end I cut out some construction paper circles for her to paste on the letter.

Bubble wrap grapes.

I just cut out a piece of bubble wrap in triangle shape and let my toddler paint it and I helped her to stamp the bubble wrap piece on the paper.

Bottle lid stamp grapes craft.

Grapes counting activity.

 I used mini grapes erasers and wooden numbers for the counting activity.

Grapes transfer activity.

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